Thursday, October 20, 2011

Think of the NBA as one entity

I am getting pretty sick of hearing people talk about the players rights and how they should be free to choose where they go.  It all leads to the small market teams, read undesirable locations, without the ability to attract or keep star players.

Imagine that the NBA is a corporation.  The corporation decides that it needs the best salesman to move to Alaska to help the business.  The salesman has the choice to quit, or go to Alaska.  It is for the good of the company.

So players might all want to play and live in Miami, New York or LA, but for the good of the league, there needs to be good players everywhere.

The NBA is a business.  The owners made money and created the opportunity for the players to be rich beyond their wildest dreams.   People to to games to watch the players play, but it is because of the owners that it is a marquee event.  You don't see thousands of people lined up around the playground paying money to watch.

Let the players try to start their own league.  Watch them go bankrupt.

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