Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chris Bosh Is Afraid of Skip Bayless

I watched Chris Bosh on First Take this morning.  Bosh was there to lay the smack down on Skip Bayless for calling him Bosh Spice.

After watching it, all I can say is, Chris Bosh is afraid of Skip Bayless.  He basically said, he didn't like him using the proud Bosh family name negatively.

We all know he really meant, he hates being referred to as a woman. Namely a version of Posh Spice.  You could take that to mean just being a woman, or the most useless member of the Spice girls.  Either way, it doesn't have a good connotation.

Bosh should have gone on there and yelled and said, I might suck, but I am no woman.  You are questioning my manhood by referring to me that way.  I guess he wants to keep his options open for a career in television after his playing days are over.  He seemed scared, and his argument was weak.

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